Chris Christie: This Ain’t a Presidential Campaign Ad

No, this isn’t a blog post on how Chris Christie should run for President in a brokered convention and that this video is a “wink” to the big donors.  I do however want to point out that the difference between someone who knows the value in hiring a social media director and someone who doesn’t is the difference between Chris Christie and everyone else…

Paul Ryan: “Condoms, Schmondoms. I thought I was here to talk about the Budget Crisis.”

This is what the Obama Media Complex does, claim the GOP doesn’t talk about the economy and only wants to fight a culture war (even thought Obama started it). Then when they have the House Budget Chair (for example) on to talk about the budget, want to spend more time talking about the culture war that President Obama started instead of economic issues they claim the GOP is avoiding. Paul Ryan wasn’t having any of it.

And after putting Obama advocate David Gregory in his place, put the focus back on the budget…

VIDEO: Mitch Daniels Response to the SOTU

Three things grab me aboot this.

1. I don’t know why we don’t give the response in front of a live audience like Gov. Bob McDonnell did two years ago.  It was the best response given to the SOTU in a while, plus there’s a big difference between doing it that way vs. the hostage tape way we usually do it.

2. The “American Idol” primaries would have eaten Mitch Daniels alive.

3. He should have run anyway.