Newt Gingrich: Drill Here, Drill Now…THE REMIX!!!

In the 2008 campaign, when gas prices were at $1.86 a gallon, Newt Gingrich launched “Drill Here, Drill Now” to increase energey exploration. In 2012, with gas $3.62 a gallon and said to be going as far as $5.00, he decided a cute catchphrase wasn’t enough and has released a 28-minute web video, that he’s going to be airing in “key cities” between now and Super Tuesday…

The 28 minute speech, which Gingrich delivered without a teleprompter or text, is called “$2.50 per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs – An Address by Newt Gingrich.” It can be viewed here:

In the address, Gingrich outlines the facts behind America’s energy production potential and points out why becoming an energy production powerhouse would benefit Americans in almost every aspect of their lives:

“Every time you can lower the cost of energy, you make it easier for us to have manufacturing and you lower the cost of living…We have a lot more jobs, and we need a growing economy with a lot of new jobs, because we want to be a country where America works best when Americans are working…We are not a country of food stamps and welfare. We are a country of the work ethic, of a job, of take-home pay, of opening up our own business. And this kind of energy program will do just that.”

This is an interesting “Hail Mary” play for Gingrich, who is kind of an after thought right now. Rick Santorum is the “not Romney” flavour of the month, but people still don’t like Mitt Romney any more than when Newt Gingrich was the “not Romney” flavour of the month…both times. Will this work? Could a third time be the charm?

Newt Gingrich on Ex-Wife: “Yeah, About That Keystone XL Pipeline…”

I don’t mean to make light of it.  Newt Gingrich’s ex-wives was always going to be an issue, as it should be. That doesn’t mean it’s an automatic disqualification and I do believe in forgiveness and redemption, but if we’re going to be a party of family values, a twice divorced (in nasty ways) presidential candidate is going to have to jump through hoops.

And anyone on his campaign who didn’t think Wife Part Deux was going to dish to the networks at some point, whether stuff was leaked from the Romney campaign or the DNC, you’re all fired.

I just want to point out that while we’re all on teh Twitters whining aboot our Presidential candidates (with twice as much whining today now that Rick Perry dropped out), Newt’s talking aboot the Keystone XL Pipeline and the 20,000 POTENTIAL JOBS THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID NO TO YESTERDAY…

“President Obama’s decision to reject the XL pipeline weakens America’s national security and kills thousands of well paying American jobs. Along with yesterday’s decision to cancel the long planned U.S.-Israeli war game, the Obama administration is signaling extraordinary national security weakness at a time when the Iranian regime is threatening to shut down the Straits of Hormuz.

President Obama has made it clear once again that he is committed to Saul Alinksy radicalism at the expense of working Americans. This radicalism is especially evident in today’s decision given that just 24 hours ago President Obama’s own Panel on Jobs and Competitiveness published a report calling for the creation of new jobs through the construction of pipelines like Keystone XL Pipeline and the expansion of oil and gas production.

At a time when American families and businesses are facing record high gas prices and a weak economy, the President has made clear that is not going to do anything to help them. I will grant the permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline on my first day in the Oval Office, as well as unleash domestic energy production to strengthen the economy and create jobs.”

Let’s try and stay focused for a change…