The Force is Not Strong with Mike Huckabee

There was a time where I was a big fan of Mike Huckabee. My first ever campaign contribution was $20.08 to his last primary campaign. I enjoyed his books, a lot of his ideas, and him simply saying, “I’m a conservative, but I’m not angry about it.” I know others have cried RINO because of (place issue here), but whatever.

He was the first candidate on our side who, when reporters only wanted to ask him aboot Jesus, would actually ask them, “why not a question about education or the economy?” And while his bitterness towards Mitt Romney leaves a lot to be desired, I still enjoyed his commentary. But lately…it’s like one dumb comment after another, most recently directed towards Natalie Portman.

So sayeth Huck…
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Mike Huckabee = Ronald Reagan v2.0

This will drive some folks in the blogosphere nuts.

Ever since he dropped out of the 2008 race, most people have said Mitt Romney was the “next Reagan,” drawing a parallel between Ronald Reagan’s first failed run for the nomination against Gerald Ford in 1976. Romney has the look of a President, plus the economic and business background to help deliver us from a failed Jimmy Carter presidency.

But what if it isn’t Romney who fulfills the “Ronald Reagan” role in the upcoming Presidential elections? What if there’s another former Governor who is making all the same moves as Reagan did, albeit without as much as the coverage? The American Thinker makes the case that there is someone, and he’s just a small town boy from a place called Hope. Mike Huckabee.

Before the hatemail and flaming starts, the man does make a good point…

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Hey, apparently Mike Huckabee doesn't like Mitt Romney…

I like Mike Huckabee. I really do. I think he has a lot of great ideas that need to be a part of our party, and think he advocates on behalf of a Pro-Life position better than everyone else. But, he really needs to let the grudge with Mitt Romney go.

No, Romney wasn’t nice to him during the 2007-2008 campaign season. Yes, Romney is the top banana anyone else who wants to run for President in a few years needs to take down. But between all the digs he took in his recent book, and his ability to work at lease one Mitt dis in just aboot every interview he gives, Mike Huckabee is just starting to look petty and thin skinned.

Point of fact, his speech at the Value Voters Summit last Friday. Put a bunch of conservatives in a room, and they’re going to criticize ObamaCare. Put a bunch of Republican 2012 hopefuls in a room, and they’re going to take a subtly dig at the health care plan Romney implemented while he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Put Mike Huckabee in a room…

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