SHOCKER: Jon Huntsman Understands the Tea Party Better than Any Other Republican Candidate

If you read this blog, you know my frustration with the Jon Huntsman camapaign. I really wanted to give him a chance, but he’s yet to gain any traction in the polls and as much as I would like to see a Hillary-esque New Hampshire surprise, it’s looking doubtful.

And to add to that frustration…

“I have great regard for Sen. McCain. I love the man. But it’s another example of establishment piling on. It seems the more establishment piles on, Dole, McCain, all the rest, nobody cares. Nobody cares about this. I mean, none of the endorsements that Romney picked up have been a thing in terms of how people respond, because the people are looking for a new generation of leadership. They’re looking for a new approach to problem solving in this country. You can get all the Doles and McCains in the world as Romney probably will, but in the end, nobody cares.”

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I was a John McCain supporter in 2008, so I am the LAST PERSON to criticize anyone for learning and/or changing your mind over four years. But the talk radio pile on of RINO Mitt Romney when they all sung his praises as the 2nd coming of Reagan riding to the rescue on his three legged stool four years ago is just hackery.

Rush ( and Levin ( ) circa 2008.