Five Questions with Daniel Kinnamon

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Kinnamon, candidate for state senate in Indiana. Visit his website at

Two part question: who are you, and why the hell do you want to run for state senate?
Daniel. The reason I cam running for State Senate is to bring a common sense business approach to government. With a New District it is time for NEW leadership and NEW Ideas.

What are the top three issues you plan to focus on if elected?
The J.E.B. plan. Jobs – Education – Budget I am a business broker working with starting business on a regular basis…true business growth is matching capital sources with the companies that need it. Education: We need to concentrate on improving our math/science and also bring vocational education back to the High Schools. We currently prepare our kids for college or failure. Finally, with 16 of my 18 years in business spent in corporate finance up tot the level of Corporate Controller/CFO I know what it takes to prioritize a budget and live within your means. My companies have to do it government should also.

I know you’re involved with the YRs. How has that helped with you launching a political campaign? With my involvement with Hendricks County YR chair up through Indiana Federation of Young Republicans chair I have worked on many other candidates campaigns and learned to network and what he process is like. When you have given the 8 plus years to other people’s campaign and the party you develop many strong relationships and have a network that will work with and for you.

What can you bring to the people of your district that your opponents can’t?
I am a business man by trade and am actively involved in getting companies growing. From a hands on perspective I start companies up and finance their growth. With children in the local schools I pay attention to education..but even more than that I volunteer weekly in the classroom and see hands on what the teachers are going through in the process of educating our children.

Andrew Luck or Robert Lee Griffin III?
Andrew Luck…but will not be upset if we get RGIII

VIDEO: Mitch Daniels Response to the SOTU

Three things grab me aboot this.

1. I don’t know why we don’t give the response in front of a live audience like Gov. Bob McDonnell did two years ago.  It was the best response given to the SOTU in a while, plus there’s a big difference between doing it that way vs. the hostage tape way we usually do it.

2. The “American Idol” primaries would have eaten Mitch Daniels alive.

3. He should have run anyway.


Before I was for NotRomney I was for NotAnyOfTheseCandidates, and this week has been particularly annoying because while the current candidates are making us #headdesk, the people we wanted to run keep putting themselves out there to remind us of what could have been. Chris Christie campaigns for Mitt Romney and reminds people that they like him more than Mitt Romney. Bobby Jindal was confirmed as a speaker at CPAC. And most recently, it was announced that Mitch Daniels is going to be giving the response to the State of the Union.

Enter Bill Kristol, who has been NotAnyOfTheseCandidates biggest supporter. Even though he has been wrong on each of them, he still claims it’s not too late for someone else to get into the race. Today he took things too far, and claims someone leaked him a preview of Gov. Daniels response to the SOTU…

So I want to announce tonight that I am open to reconsidering my decision not to seek the presidency in 2012. I have not wanted to run, for family reasons among others. I have hoped someone else would prove up to the task. But my family and I have now decided that country must come first. I am considering joining the race.

Much like when you hear of a new way George Lucas wants to ruin the Star Wars franchise (which by the way, FUCK YOU PAL), my initial response was, “this don’t sound right. And I’m sure Kristol was being sarcastic, tounge-in-cheek, silly…whatever you want to call it. But can we stop please?

These are the candidates we have to choose from.

It’s too late for Daniels to get in.

The media (or the Romney campaign leaking to the media) proved Cheri Daniels’ concern about their private lives and family.


The sooner we accept that our choice comes down to Romney or Newt Gingrich, the sooner we can make that choice and focus on November…even if that does mean we focus more on winning the Senate and Holding the house. Mitch Daniels isn’t getting in the race. Stop. Shut up, and stop.

P.S. Run Mitch, Run!