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F*** it. Vote for Romney.

The New York primary is a few weeks away, and for some reason the Republican primary is still going on. Unfortunately since I’ll be going down to occupy the CLT for BlogCon the weekend before the primary, I won’t be around to help guide you through this decision and feel I owe it to the people (and my fellow New York Republicans) who look to me for guidance in these matters to declare who I’ll be supporting. So here goes…

I plan on writing in “Fingers Malloy” as a protest vote, but as for the rest of you, Romney is the best for us in the long run.

Yeah, I would prefer Paul Ryan or Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie or Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Lynn Krogh or Tony Stark as the leader of the Republican Party as opposed to Multiple Choice Mitt. None of them are running.

And no, he hasn’t been a particularly good candidate. He’s actually been a terrible candidate. I’m actually amazed at how someone who has been running for President since 2002 can be as bad at it as he is. The stupid things that come out of his mouth, and his uncanny ability to say them the day after every major primary win that should put the race away, should be marveled at and studied.

The rub is that his other opponents ran worse campaigns. Newt looks like he’s on his way out, and while I was willing to give Santorum a chance and can agree to disagree with most conservative who are further to the right of me on social issues, he always manages to find a way to disagree with me in the most offensive ways possible.

Ron Paul…lol.

So Mitt’s who we’re stuck with, and he’s who you should vote for. Two reasons:

1. Romney will probably scare away the least amount of independent voters. Yes, I know out of 800 polls you have some that say that about your guy. In the end, Indy voters go towards who they think will focus most on the economy. Romney will stay focused on the economy. Santorum will stay focused on porn and pre-natal screening.

I can see a path to the White House for Romney, and four years of him being in charge of cabinet and Supreme Court picks. With Santorum, I see a path back to the White House for Obama, and four more years of him being in charge of cabinet and Supreme Court picks.

2. My main focus right now is local races. I want the NY-1, NY-17, NY-21, NY-25 & NY-26. To aid in GOTV efforts for those races, I also want Democrat voters to stay home on Election Day since they figure Obama is taking the state anyway. A Romney vs. Obama race (aka not quite Obama vs. Obama) could bore Dems in the state to where people decide not to vote since they know their guy’s got it. Santorum on the other hand, who like I said manages to disagree in the most offensive ways possible, will piss off both Democrat and Independent voters off so that they go out just to vote against him…and wind up voting against him straight down the ballot line.

With Romney at the top of the ticket? We have the possibility to pick up at least three more congressional seats. Santorum? Lose at least three we currently hold now.

So there you have it, Vote Mitt Romney. He’s not the best candidate. He’s not the worst candidate. He’s just kinda there by default.

3 responses to “F*** it. Vote for Romney.

  1. nobodyimportant ⋅

    Lose the three we hold now? Aren’t there eight?

  2. Brodigan

    We do! I mean lose three of them.:-)

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