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This is who I am, this is what I do, and Andrew Breitbart is why

This is a hard post to start, because I think most of you reading this were bigger fans and knew Andrew Breitbart a lot better than I did.

I had said hi in passing and have been to a number of the same events he was at, but I think the most substantial conversation we ever had was me saying “Thank you for an awesome party” and him saying “glad you had a good time” at the party he threw for GOProud last year.

I also never really read “The Bigs.” Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for what they did. The shocked look on Ed Schultz’s face when he didn’t get away with doctoring video of a Rick Perry speech to play the race card against him is just one example of why the sites are so important. But writing for them and going to Defcon 5 over everything that every leftist did, it was never a goal of mine or something I was into.

I’ve always been more into doing my own thing, and as I thought about it today, Andrew Breitbart is the reason why I’m able to.

It’s not that he “rethought conservatism.” Conservatism isn’t something that needs to be rethought. But he did completely change the game on how it was covered. He changed WHO covered it. No longer was it only just the “Alex P. Keaton” types writing stuffy editorials and thumbing their nose at anyone not wearing Brooks Brothers. Andrew Breitbart is responsible for a whole new legion of what my friend Brandon Morse from Misfit Politics refers to as “altCons.”

We wear jeans and t-shirts. We have Mohawks and tattoos. Our music is loud, or language is rough, and we’re every bit as passionate about conservatism and the conservative movement as your typical young Republican stereotype.

And it’s because of Andrew Breitbart that a guy with a beard and wearing a punk rock hoodie of a band that would probably prefer I wasn’t wearing to CPAC, can go to CPAC, interview congressmen and members of Parliament, and not have anyone think anything of it.

He’s why people are able to record podcasts, post them all on the same website, and create a “radio station” on the internet.

He’s the reason why, while he may not have created the conservative blogosphere, he amplified it and us.

This is what I do, this is who I am, and Andrew Breitbart is the reason why.

10 responses to “This is who I am, this is what I do, and Andrew Breitbart is why

  1. Neil ⋅

    I mourn for Andrew, and hope he was noy “one of a kind”. But I fear he might be.

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  3. Mike S. ⋅

    Amen, JB. Carry the torch!

  4. Carol H. ⋅

    43 probably sounds old to altcons. haha. But he was the best of gen x, that’s for sure. Rush was our Breitbart. It will be up to the younger conservatives/ libertarians to pick up where he has left off and carry the torch to the future. Breitbart made it exciting. I appreciate your tribute to his legacy. Best of luck to the young altcons!

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  6. mbernadettee ⋅

    very well said, good sir.

  7. A fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing.

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